Thursday, September 19, 2013

Managing Azure from the Xbox 360

It is funny how we come across new ways of managing different platforms of technology. Azure is no different. Yesterday I had the pleasure and opportunity to present Azure Services at Hodges University in Fort Myers. There I met a young enthusiastic young man named Jacob who become very engage in the session and which started the gears in head to turn. We covered of course what platforms can you manage the Azure platform on. Laptops. Desktops and Servers were among the first to be identified.

Then came the tablets like IPads and the Microsoft Surface. One caught my eye that I never thought about. The Xbox 360! Can you manage Azure from your Xbox 360? We left it unanswered with a possible no until today

Thoroughly tested and tried you can connect, manage and create items in the Azure platform see pictures below.

Figure 1 shows initial connection.

 Figure 2 shows the selection of Images from the Virtual Machine Gallery.

Figure 3 shows the configuration of the Virtual Machine.


Unfortunately you cannot connect to the Virtual Machine from your Xbox 360. That would have been awesome! Figure 4 shows this below.
Now you can play Call of Duty and deploy to the Azure platform from your Xbox 360!

You can always sign for a 30 day trial with a $200 spending limit at

By: Adnan Cartwright

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