Thursday, February 5, 2015

Plans of the Diligent

Last night's tech conference was successful. It is possible to get more done with only a few people, than to have a multitude of chatter. We were few in number, but accomplished setting up the schedule for the conference, finalized thoughts on the flyer, setup a meeting to start the podcast and established the group's videographer and goals.

I want each break out session recorded with a laptop/webcam through Google hangouts and saved to the ITPROCAMP YouTube channel. This will encourage viewers to attend and sponsors can take advantage of this exposure. Speakers can critique and improve their own sessions and view other sessions they could not attend.  I also want to interview attendees and speakers.

Next week I plan to meet with some app developers to discuss how we can support the conference from a mobile perspective. Should we create a new app or purchase an existing conferencing app? One thing is for sure, the plans of the diligent lead to profit, and I'm so glad we started planning early.

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