Saturday, December 5, 2015

Deploying Nano Server Using Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 4

Nano Server is indeed one of the hot topics moving forward with Server 2016 and its Technical Preview releases. The push for Nano Server and the reason why so much focus is on it, comes down to how better secured the platform is. Microsoft has Nano as an installation option that reduces the footprint of the system thus the attack surface as features that are not necessary to run is not. The GUI is gone and at the time of this writing there is no RDP support or functionality. That means you need to know your Power Shell! WMI is also supported for remote management.

Nano Server is headless, smaller than a Server Core Installation which means less system to patch, a reduced amount of reboots due to patching and only the core services needed for the deployment is running. Think of it as a purposed built system specifically for your deployments. The days of the golden image looks like they will soon fade away. Golden images more than half of the time had services included that are not needed for every deployment.

For example. You create a server image that has the Desktop Experience Role to prevent store access in Group Policy. It is simple to say that we can just remove the role and I agree with you whole heatedly. The question is how many of us do? Hence Nano Server. The Purpose built headless container that packages will have to be added to for each deployment. Can you say job security?

I for one am looking forward to Nano Server and its long term position within our infrastructure. I have included a video in this blog on how to deploy Nano Server so that you to can start exploring the possibilities.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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